The Closure of Gas Stations and The Economy

Lately, I have noticed that there are gas stations around the community that are closing in these hard economic times.  I wonder if instead of raising gas prices any further, some stations are closing there doors for good, or at least until the economy gets better.  I believe that there could be several reasons for the closings. But, common sense tells me that these companies are suffering and they are forced to close as a last resort.  More recent closing have been the Citgo gas station in Richton Park, and the Marathon gas station in Chicago Heights. I strongly believe that we are in the midst of a full blown recession regardless of what anyone else thinks.  Gas prices are reaching record highs and inching ever so close to $4 dollars a gallon. I believe that if things don’t change for the better, we will be witnessing more of these types of closures.  Gas stations are not the only businesses being affected, but I wanted to raise awareness that times are stressful and money to spend is hard to come by when everything is inflated. Thanks for reading.  Please share your feedback and feelings regarding this topic.