Thanks Earl and Alia at Quality Classic

Blog Commentary

This is just a quick "Thank you!" to Earl and Alia Davis for being there every morning the last few weeks at the Quality Classic Fitness Center in DownTown Park Forest.  Thanks to some motivation from a colleague, I’ve finally returned to some type of exercise every day.

 It’s been far too long.

I remember when I ran for office the first time in Park Forest.  In spite of the fact that I was walking door-to-door, I exercised less.  Walking from house to house, stopping to chat along the way, is no substitute for a good 30-60 minutes of cardio work every day.

A friend in the campaign quipped he never saw anyone walk so far only to gain weight so much weight.

There are many reasons I stopped exercising, and I outlined many of the them here on a blog I started a while ago and let slide.  Regardless of all my past excuses, it feels so good to get back into it now.

I don’t think I’ll make my "20 pounds" for the Ten Ton Challenge this year.  It’s taken me most of the year to get back to daily exercise, and I still need to adjust my diet.  Apparently I’m captain of a big ship that took a long time answering the "All stop!" and change direction.

But I’m so happy to be back on the trails now.

Thanks Earl and Alia!