Tenants to Protest Mayor Emanuel’s Pal at Low Income Housing Board Meeting on March 11

CHICAGO—(ENEWSPF)—March 10, 2014. Tenants from St. Edmunds Village, a subsidized building in the Washington Park neighborhood will protest the building owner, Reverend Richard Tolliver, who is a board member of the Chicago Low Income Housing Trust Fund, at their board meeting on Tuesday March 11. Tenants are demanding to meet with Reverend Tolliver so that he can do something about their inhumane living conditions, which including: rodents, leaky windows, mold, broken laundry machines, and more. Tenants will picket and protest outside of the Chicago Low Income Housing Trust Fund board meeting, 2 N. LaSalle, Chicago, starting at 8:40 a.m.

Tenants have tried to meet with building owner for over six months, but he has refused to meet with them. As the snow melts water has been leaking into tenants’ units and they say they have had enough. “As a man of God, we hope that Reverend Tolliver will do what is right and meet with the tenants” said Janet Wilson, a tenant leader from the building.

Reverend Tolliver is a close friend and ally of Mayor Emanuel. In 2011 the Mayor appointed Reverent Tolliver to his transition team assigned to the transportation and infrastructure committee. In 2012 Mayor Emanuel appointed Reverend Tolliver to the Chicago Low Income Housing Trust Fund, from which he has received at least $74,000 in grants. Reverend Tolliver is the President and CEO of the St. Edmunds Redevelopment Corporation which owns St. Edmunds Village and developed nearly 600 units in the Washington Park neighborhood at a cost of $72M.

Tenants will be joined by allies from Southside Together Organizing for Power, the Chicago Housing Initiative, the National Alliance of HUD Tenants, Fearless Leading by the Youth and others.


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