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SUV Rolls After Vehicle Collision on Ashland Avenue

Chicago Heights, IL-(ENEWSPF)- When a sedan and an SUV cross paths at the same time, sometimes one rolls. Such was the case when vehicles collided on Ashland Avenue this afternoon. One ended up in a yard sans its right rearview mirror. The other, a Ford Escape, rolled onto its right side in the middle of 13th Street east of Ashland.

Traffic proceeded carefully north and south on Ashland Avenue past the unusual sight.

The vehicles were both traveling northbound on Ashland Avenue, according to the driver of the Ford Escape, an SUV. The SUV was in the right northbound lane. The sedan was in the left northbound lane. This according to the driver of the SUV.

The SUV driver said as he drove north in the right-hand lane, the driver of the sedan allegedly turned her vehicle from the left lane to the right of the SUV in an apparent attempt to proceed onto 13th Street.

Chicago Heights Fire and Paramedics were on the scene, as was a squad from the CHPD. However, while we were there, the paramedics did not treat anyone. Both drivers showed no obvious signs of injury. We saw no visible scrapes or wounds on either of them. Both drivers paced and spoke on their respective phones. The driver of the SUV, however, did tell us that he was in pain and planned to seek medical attention.

A Ford SUV lies on its side in Chicago Heights
A Ford SUV lies on its side just off Ashland Ave. in Chicago Heights. (Photo: Gary Kopycinski)

The driver of the sedan apparently intended to turn from Ashland Avenue onto 13th Street, according to the driver of the Ford.

After the sedan intersected his path, the driver of the Escape said he had to pull hard to the right.

SUV Rolls After Vehicles Make Contact: Escape Driver Said

The two vehicles collided, according to the driver of the Escape. After this, the SUV rolled onto its side.

It did not appear that the SUV rolled as we saw no damage to the top side, or left doors, of the SUV as it stood on its side.,

The driver of the SUV stressed that when he pulled to the right, his car and the other made contact. This driver said the other car crashed into him after allegedly cutting him off.

“You can see her car over there,” he said.

Cars collided at Ashland Ave. and 13th St. in Chicago heights
The sedan is on the lawn of a home in the 1200 block of Ashland Ave., diagonal from the intersection. An emergency worker watches the scene., (Photo: Gary Kopycinski)

That car was upright and diagonal on the lawn of the home on the northeast corner of Ashland Avenue and 13th Street. The right rearview mirror of this car was shattered and gone. The side panel of the sedan also showed damage.

The horn of the Escape sounded sickly at regular intervals, apparently in alarm.

Only One Driver Spoke with ENEWSPF

The driver of the SUV that rolled on its side was the only person at the scene involved with whom we spoke. The driver of the other sedan was on the phone. After introducing myself as someone who does “news for Park Forest,” she turned and walked away.

The drivers did not speak with each other while we were there.

The underside of the Ford SUV
The underside of the Ford SUV shows as two members of the CHPD sit in their squad and watch. (Photo: Gary Kopycinski)

Chicago Heights police were in a squad vehicle at the scene, as were members of the Chicago Heights Fire Department. There was an ambulance from Chicago Heights pulled over on the right side of Ashland Avenue just north of the CHFD truck.

Police said they were not permitted to comment.