On April 20th, Chicago Students to Walk Out of Schools and Protest Gun Violence and Police Brutality Towards Black and Brown Communities

Gun Violence and children
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Chicago—(ENEWSPF)—April 19, 2018
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On April 20th at 10 am, students will walk out of their schools to deliver and listen to speeches, march downtown, and rally in front of the Federal Building. They are working to amend the Illinois constitution to allow for a graduated tax plan, and in turn create a more supportive distribution of funds that will provide resources and outreach to communities disproportionately affected by gun violence. The group also hopes to kickstart reform in the Chicago Police Department, as the CPD has consistently shown race-based bias and requires radical reform. Students from Jones, Kenwood, Payton, Northside, Parker, De La Salle, St. Ignatius, Von Steuben, Perspectives Charter School, Whitney Young, Schurz, Ogden, Brookes, Roosevelt, Lindblom, Westinghouse, Orr, South Shore, Lane Tech, Chi Arts, and Amundsen have been collaborating in this effort.

“I lived in Little Village from second to eighth grade. I loved the pride and culture there, but during that period of time I encountered gun violence three times. The most significant occurred 5 years ago on April 16th in front of my elementary school. I went to a school that had grades starting as early as Head Start to eighth grade so you can imagine the amount of fear everyone felt when there was a drive-by at the time we were getting dismissed. I remember I didn’t even make it out of the door yet when the swarm of teachers, students, parents, and security rushed back inside telling people to go to the auditorium to stay safe; I didn’t know at first so I sat behind a pillar. When I went inside the auditorium I saw the faces of panicked kids crying and calling their parents. I remember my best friend’s mom coming to pick us up afterwards and we both just cried and hugged her. I will never forget that day because although no one was injured or died, the fact that we were all put into that situation at such young ages should be enough for people to want to do something about the issue,” said Angelica Contreras, a high school student and organizer of the protest.

“I can’t say life is terrible, but the biggest struggle of being in Chicago is living. I have to fear for my life and my families. One has slipped through my fingers I can’t let another one,” says Ke’Shon Newman, a student at Perspectives Charter Schools.

The goal of the protest is the reallocation of state and city funds to support low income communities in Chicago, and reform within the Chicago Police Department. The walkout is not the last step in the students’ plan, and they hope to work closely with lawmakers and legislators to reshape Chicago and establish thriving and healthy neighborhoods on the South and West sides.

Source: Chicago Student Walkout

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