New Dell Services Unlock the Benefits of Digital Content for Students and Educators

ROUND ROCK, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Dell today unveiled new services and relationships to advance the adoption of digital learning in U.S. classrooms. Dell’s Digital Content Adoption Services are designed to simplify and support educators and administrators with the integration of digital content into daily teaching practice.

BrainHoney provides an open platform that enables educators from K-12 through higher education to collaborate and develop digital content for classrooms. The company’s platform allows teachers to align content development to state standards using a simple drag and drop interface to develop “curriculum maps.” BrainHoney also generates daily reports on student progress against state standards.

Dell Digital Content Adoption Services make it easy to transition classrooms and school infrastructures to support individualized learning through:

  • Professional Learning Services to support the integration of digital content and Connected Classroom technologies into daily teaching practice, including platforms like BrainHoney.
  • Digital Content Infrastructure Assessments to ensure schools’ technology infrastructures can efficiently support a digital content-rich environment. These assessments include analyses of core infrastructure capacity and performance readiness and use of cost and energy-saving technologies like data center and client virtualization.
  • Ubiquitous interfaces like private clouds, which enable teachers and students to access and share content in traditional and virtual classrooms.
  • Identity Management and Application Delivery services to facilitate secure access to and delivery of digital content.

Today’s news follows the global launch in 2009 of Dell’s Connected Classroom and the popular Latitude 2100, the first 10.1-inch netbook designed for students. The announcement reinforces Dell’s commitment to providing the products, services, software and expertise to provide educators and their administrators with the tools they need to prepare students for future success.

Dell is a strong advocate of initiatives that help improve student achievement, including measures such as Texas House Bill 4294, which allows schools to invest in digital content, including textbooks.



“From legislators to educators, decision makers are realizing and embracing the benefits of digital content for teachers and students. Several states, including Texas, are leading the way, investing wisely in technologies that empower teachers to easily develop cutting-edge curricula and enable students to learn anytime, anywhere. Working together, BrainHoney and Dell will provide teachers with an easy way to access online content with the end goal of supporting them in driving improved student achievement.” — Mark Horan, vice president of U.S. Primary Education for Dell


“Administrators told us they wanted to deliver individualized, student-centered learning but didn’t know where to start and they wanted someone to help guide them on this long journey. Digital Content Adoption Services initiate a school’s transition from classroom-style teaching to individualized learning by enabling teachers to easily supplement their instruction with online tools integrated with standards-aligned curriculum.” — Dr. Mark Luetzelschwab, senior vice president of Agilix Labs, Inc, the developers of BrainHoney

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About BrainHoney

Agilix Labs, Inc. is transforming education through BrainHoney, its personalized learning platform. It is the latest offering from the creative team that has delivered innovative educational solutions for nearly a decade, providing student-centered, objective-aligned learning that improves student achievement, increases teacher productivity, delivers administrative insight, and enables parental involvement. Based on an open technology architecture, BrainHoney is the only learning solution that works seamlessly across classroom, hybrid, and online environments. Agilix delivers its software applications to hundreds of thousands of users in countries worldwide. Founded in 2001 by the team that created Folio and, Agilix is based in Orem, Utah, USA.