Meet Janiah Jones, Rich East Stellar Student

Janiah Jones, Rich East Stellar Student
Janiah Jones, Rich East Stellar Student. (PHOTO SUPPLIED)

Park Forest, IL—(ENEWSPF)— This is another in a series of stellar students from "The Class of 2014" at Rich East High School in Park Forest, Ill. All students were given a series of the same questions. All responses are in their exact words, except for minor editing for content and space when needed.

Today’s student is Janiah Jones.

Are you a Park Forest Resident? How long? At Rich East all four years?  Yes. I’ve been living in Park Forest since grade school. I have attended Rich East all four years.

What do you like most about Rich East? Is there anything you would have done differently? I mostly like the teachers, my friends in class and after school sports. Sometimes I wish I would have explored new things in school and broadened my horizons.

Activities/Athletics  participated in?  Hobbies?  Community/church volunteering? I have run cross country and track for four years. I was MVP of the cross country team all four years. During the summer, my family and I go camping and play all kinds of sports. I also like skating. I also enjoy being a part of the Key Club at school.

GPA/Class Rank: My GPA is a 3.3 and I am currently ranked 19th out of 167 in my senior class.
Areas met/exceeded in PSAE/AP Exams: I met in writing and math and exceeded in reading on the PSAE. I plan on taking three AP exams in May.

College choice/major:  I plan on attending Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville but am also looking at St. Xavier University. I plan on majoring in Accounting.

What music is replaying on your ipod, mpg3, or phone these days?  Ellie Goulding: "Explosions" and "Anything Could Happen," Jhene Aiko: "Bad Piece" and Stay Ready," Kendrick Lamar: "Sing About Me."

Favorite TV Shows/Books? "Teen Wolf" (TV show), "The Game (TV show), "Pride and Prejudice (book), "Wuthering Heights" (book), "The Jungle Book (book).

Favorite junk foods and healthy foods? I love Snickers, fresh salads, brownies, pasta, Panda Express, Sprite, orange juice, Doritos, and Texas Roadhouse.

Places that you’d most like to visit? California, Louisiana, Hawaii, Jamaica, Rome and Japan.

Where do you want to be in five years?  In ten years? In five years, I see myself graduating from college, having a set job through my internship and to be an accountant. In 10 years, I hope to be able to have established myself in my career, have fun traveling and living life until I settle down and start a family.