Marian Honors 60 for Academic Perfection

Summer Fields and President Sr. Judine Hilbing

Sophomore Summer Fields (Richton Park) receives her Academic Letter from President Sr. Judine Hilbing on Thursday at the Marian Catholic High School Academic Breakfast to honor students with a GPA of 4.0 for consecutive semesters. (PHOTO SUPPLIED)

Chicago Heights, IL–(ENEWSPF)– Marian Catholic High School awarded 60 Academic Letters to sophomores, juniors and seniors at the annual Academic Letter Breakfast on Oct. 22. The Academic Letter is awarded to a student who receives 4.0 or higher grade-point average in two consecutive semesters.

Recipients included Abriana Anderson, Lindsey Bohlen, Lauren Bojarski, Johnathon Brodeur, Tori Bush, Ashley Buttron, Alexis Cann, Torianna Crawford, Colleen Daw, Michael DeBonfioli, Aaron Dunajeski, Kelly Dwyer, Summer Fields, William Foster, Alexis Funk, Codi Furjanic, Patricia Gornick, Kelly Gregorovic, Britta Hanson, Caitlin Helsel.

Also, Miloni Hernandez, William Hilger, Morgan Hirschfield, Mark Hoffmann, Camille Johnson, Alexis Jones, Ethan Kirner, Jason Lomano, Larissa Marchese, Dominique Maxberry, Kathleen McAuliffe, Alison McAvoy, Adam McDevitt, Helena Mierzwa, Niccole Nelson, Josephine Novak, Sarah Nowicki, Patrick O’Shea, Sean O’Sullivan, Gianna Patrizi.

Others included Michael Peabody, Daryl Pugh II, Vincent Recupito, Dominic Roche, Jose Saenz, Elizabeth Salter, Sarah Santos, Bernadette Senick, Deandre Tate-Drummer, Ryan Their, Kelsey Tierney, Nina Trlak, David Vaughn, Michael Ukovich, Stephanie Werner, Amber Williams, Joseph Wlos, Chigozi Yejekwe, Mitchell Zavesky and Elizabeth Zubrenic.

Presented each fall, the six-inch "M" Letters have been awarded to more than 1,000 students since the program began in 1994.

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