Marian Catholic Dominican Preachers Show Clean Water Makes Cents

Dominican Preachers Kenyan water project
Marian Catholic Dominican Preachers Deana Williams (Park Forest), Gianna Patrizi, Trevor Thompkins and Kelsey Tierney hold one of the collection vessels used in their fundraising effort.

Chicago Heights, IL-(ENEWSPF)- Over the summer of 2011, the Marian Catholic High School Dominican Preachers attended the Dominican High Schools Preaching Conference in Adrian, Michigan.

“Some of our time was spent learning about social justice,” said Gianna Patrizi, of Orland Park, a Dominican Preacher for the current school year. “After seeing a presentation on the lack of clean water at Our Lady of Grace Dominican School in Kisumu, Kenya, we made it our goal to help sponsor the construction of a well there.”

Deana Williams from Park Forest added, “Along with several other Dominican high schools across the nation, we are trying to raise money for our brothers and sisters in Kenya. The urgency of this project has accelerated as we have received word that the only source of water for the school is now not functioning,” she said.

“The students must search for a source of water at the beginning of each day,” according to Trevor Thompkins, an Olympia Fields resident. “They cannot afford to buy water or have it hauled to them by trucks.”

Kelsey Tierney of Tinley Park sums up the Dominican Preachers’ “Clean Water Makes Cents!” efforts.

“Our change drive through November 4th started to raise money for the well,” she said.

“A wishing well in front of the main office received donations from students, faculty and staff. We also collected outside the student entrance to the Leadership Center during lunch periods. The Marian Catholic community really came through for the first phase of this effort.”

The monies pooled from among the American Dominican high schools throughout the year will help students half way around the world receive one of the basic necessities of life: clean water.