Marian Catholic Announces Advanced Placement Scholars

MCHS AP Scholars
Current Marian Catholic seniors who are AP Scholars include seated Stephanie Werner, Nicholas Moorman, Matthew Wilk, Matthew Anderson, Patrick O’Shea, Ryan Thier, and Mitchell Zavesky. Standing in the back is Helena Mierzwa, Camille Johnson, James Barksdale, Sarah Santos, Xavier Kirkham, Michael Irwin, Jason Kint, Summer Fields, Michael Peabody, Chelsea Davis, Aaron Dunajeski, Niccole Nelson, Gianna Patrizi, Alexis Funk, Zachary Henry, and Jose Saenz. (SUPPLIED)

308 students took 689 AP tests during spring 2011 testing period

Chicago Heights, IL-(ENEWSPF)- The Chicago Heights college preparatory school consistently ranks among the nation’s elite when it comes to Advanced Placement test scores. Over the past five testing years, Marian Catholic students scored higher than other AP students from the state of Illinois, and even higher than all students taking AP exams globally.

“The trend report from The College Board clearly shows that Marian’s percentage of total AP students with scores of three or higher has remained strong,” said Mike Rodewald, AP Coordinator at Marian Catholic. “Without getting too statistical, the five year average for Marian is 81%, while the state of Illinois average is 67% and the global average is 61%.”

Complementing the rigorous academic climate at Marian Catholic are over 40 clubs and organizations, a full menu of men’s and women’s athletics, a performing and fine arts department with national renown, and a four year leadership program for all students.

“The Marian Catholic community is a complete package,” said Ryan Thier, one of this year’s AP Scholars with Honor. “Not only do I appreciate the challenge of a college prep school, but I enjoy being able to tutor students who may be struggling, take part in extracurricular activities, and participate in service trips and projects.”

Marian Catholic AP Scholars are students who receive scores of 3 or higher on three or more AP Exams.

AP Scholars from the class of 2012 are James Barksdale of Flossmoor, Chelsea Davis of Crete, Aaron Dunajeski of Dyer, Summer Fields of Richton Park, Alexis Funk of Dyer, Zachary Henry of Lansing, Michael Irwin of Frankfort, Camille Johnson of South Holland, Alexis Jones of Olympia Fields, Jason Kint of Crete, Xavier Kirkham of Calumet City, Duncan Kryszyn of Homewood, Helena Mierzwa of Crete, Niccole Nelson of Tinley Park, Gianna Patrizi of Orland Park, Michael Peabody of Flossmoor, Jose Saenz of Richton Park, and Sarah Santos of South Holland.

Graduates from the class of 2011 AP Scholars are Robert Bailey (Illinois Wesleyan), Ariell Carter-Cameron (U of IL Champaign), Lauren Diaz-Albertini (Creighton University), Robert Fink (U of IL Champaign), Abigael Friling (U of IL Champaign), Sheldon Fulton (North Carolina A&T State University), Louis Funk (Washington State University), Devin Green (Iona College), Kalila Harris (Saint Louis University), Brooke Hershberger (University of Iowa), Judith Howard (Loyola University), Joshua Jones (Kettering University), Martin Kudra (Baylor University), Christine Lydon (Loyola University), Genesis Mancha (Loyola University), Patrick McDonough (U.S. Naval Academy), Zachary Mlcoch (Iowa State University), Elizabeth Murzyn (Indiana University), Aisosa Omorogbe (Loyola University), Fenner Oosterbaan (U of IL Chicago), Kelly Piacenti (Purdue University), Joshua Peiper (South Suburban College), Cesare Ruggeri (Loyola University), Karie Schaberger (U of IL Champaign), Jeffrey Schusteric (Illinois State University), Emily Stibich (Miami University), Hayley Stuber (Loyola University), Carlee Wieser (Boston University), and Amy Ziems (Lake Forest College).

Marian Catholic AP Scholars with Honor are students who receive an average score of at least 3.25 on all AP Exams taken, and scores of 3 or higher on four or more AP exams.

AP Scholars with Honor from the class of 2012 are Matthew Anderson of Tinley Park, Patrick O’Shea of Munster, Ryan Thier of Oak Forest, and Mitchell Zavesky of Flossmoor.

Graduates from the class of 2011 AP Scholars with Honor are Michael Basile (Illinois State University), Nate Bodnar (Purdue University), Alana Carr (University of Pittsburgh), Daniel Gwizdalski (Indiana University), Caitlin Helsel (Pace University, NYC), Miloni Hernandez (Loyola University), Mark Hoffmann (Augustana University), Yesenia Juarez (Northwestern University), Kathleen McMillen (Indiana University), Matthew Pena (U of IL Champaign), Daryl Pugh (Georgetown University), Ellen Quinn (Saint Louis University), and Chigozi Yejekwe (University of Texas-Austin).

Marian Catholic AP Scholars with Distinction are students who receive an average score of at least 3.5 on all AP Exams taken, and scores of 3 or higher on five or more exams.

AP Scholars with Distinction from the class of 2012 are Nicholas Moorman of Dyer, Stephanie Werner of Homewood, and Matthew Wilk of Olympia Fields.

Graduates from the class of 2011 AP Scholars with Distinction are Emily Arvia (Iowa State University), Patrick Barry (U of IL Champaign), Devin Bready (Indiana U/Purdue U-Indianapolis), Patrick Daley (U of IL Champaign), David Deschepper (Lewis University), Kieran Dziallo (Illinois Institute of Technology), Anthony Galullo (Loyola University), Samantha Greene (University of Iowa), Nathan Hart (University of New Mexico), Nicole Herrera (Indiana University), Jay Hochstetler (University of Kentucky), Alexander Jackson (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Paul Jenkins (U of IL Champaign), Conor Keane (Illinois Wesleyan), Elyse Kelly (U of IL Champaign), Alexander Kimbrough (U of IL Chicago), Adam King (Northwestern University), Megan Murday (Georgetown University), Uzoma Nwabara (University of Michigan), Elizabeth O’Malley (U of IL Champaign), Sean O’Sullivan (Boston College), Colin Parsons (Lawrence University), Olivia Piekoszewski (Indiana University), Vincent Recupito (U of IL Chicago), Michael Spear (University of Notre Dame), Carl Sterzel (U of IL Champaign), Chandler Todd (Augustana University), Madeline Tolish (Vanderbilt University), Kaitlyn Vantuyl (DePaul University), Michael Vuckovich (Indiana University), Joseph Wlos (Grinnell College), and Christopher Zajeski (U of IL Champaign).

And finally, Marian Catholic National AP Scholars are students from the United States who receive an average score of at least 4 on all AP Exams taken, and scores of 4 or higher on eight or more exams.

Graduates from the class of 2011 National AP Scholars are Emily Arvia, Patrick Barry, Conor Keane, Megan Murday, Colin Parsons, Michael Spear, Carl Sterzel, Madeline Tolish, and Joseph Wlos.