Long-time Marian Catholic Phonathon Coordinator Passes the Bell

Peg Massucci turns over the bell to Pat Trebe
Instead of ‘turning over the reins,’ Peg Massucci (right) turns over ‘The Big Bell’ to fellow Advancement staffer, Pat Trebe (left). (PHOTO SUPPLIED)

Marian Catholic Phonathon Coordinator, Peg Massucci, Steps Down after 16 Years; facilitates more than $1.1 Million to support the school; organizes more than 2,200 volunteer callers.

Chicago Heights, IL-(ENEWSPF)- Every January, Marian Catholic High School holds its annual Phonathon, benefitting the Marian Fund raising money to augment the school’s operations. Funds are used for specific initiatives, emergency tuition assistance, and campus improvements.

At the helm for the last 16 years as coordinator of the event has been Peg Massucci, member of the Advancement staff, and parent of alumnus Michael Massucci ’95. Peg worked her way up the ranks starting in 1991 as a volunteer caller.

With the help of the entire Advancement Team, and veteran alumni parent volunteers, the otherwise quiet and studious MCHS Library is transformed into a bustling, noisy stage for the Phonathon, where thousands of Alumni, Current Parents and Parents of Alumni are called by hundreds of parent and student volunteers.

Each time a pledge is received, callers shout out dollar amounts, ring their bells, and the library erupts with “Thank You’s!” and clapping.

“The annual MCHS Phonathon is fun and full of energy,” said Mary Moffatt, Vice President of Advancement. “Gifts are celebrated with bells ringing, horns blasting, and volunteers cheering. Every gift from $25 to $5,000 receives an ovation.”

Gifts over $100 warrant ringing “The Big Bell” loudly. Massucci usually wields “The Big Bell” and encourages the callers, saying, “Any call could be the big one! Keep going!”

“The Phonathon is an event where hundreds of volunteers graciously give their time and effort,” Massucci stated. “That’s what I’ll miss the most – getting to know the volunteers over the past 16 years has been the most enjoyable part of the Phonathon.”

In addition to dialing for dollars during the Phonathon, sometimes callers hear stories of illness, loss of employment, or other hardships among the Marian family. Special consideration is given to these individuals, and the Dominican Sisters, notably Sister Judine Hilbing, O.P., President, and faculty member, Sister Marion Sitkiewicz, O.P. are on hand to write notes of prayer and concern to them.

Moffatt noted, “The Phonathon represents a terrific social, financial, and spiritual outreach among the Marian community and we were privileged to benefit from Peg’s many years of loyalty and expertise that generated so much good will and significant funding for Marian Catholic High School.”

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