Indiana School Students Enhance Rail Park Environment

Caboose at the Rail Fan Park
The Caboose at the Rail Fan Park. (ENEWSPF)

Park Forest, IL-(ENEWSPF)- Thanks to the efforts of the fourth and fifth grade gifted classes at Indiana School in Park Forest, the new Park Forest Rail Park and areas along the Old Plank Trail have a neater appearance with fewer weeds and new plantings.

The Indiana students, who have been extensively involved in the restoration of the wetland area in Central Park, were invited to help weed and plant at the new Rail Park and along Old Plank Trail. “They worked very hard at ridding the area of the invasive Garlic Mustard plants that had taken root,” related Amanda Godin, teacher of the fourth grade gifted class at Indiana. “The students also planted native trees and shrubs under the direction of the Village of Park Forest officials and the wetland naturalist. They pulled mountains of Garlic Mustard plants and planted over 50 plants at both the trail and on the hill at the new Rail Park. It was hard work, but they were pleased with the end results.”