District 205’s Board To Set Hearings for Dismissed Administrators

South Holland, IL-(ENEWSPF)- Kenneth Williams, president of the Thornton Township High School District 205, said today that each of the district’s administrators terminated last month for allegedly receiving unauthorized stipends will be granted a hearing before the board. Williams said those hearings will be held as soon as possible.

“The board of education is working diligently with legal counsel to ensure an integral process and to make sure all school policies and state guidelines are being followed,” Williams said. “The board will be transparent and will make a full disclosure once the hearings are completed.”

Last month, District 205’s new superintendent moved to dismiss seven administrators after an investigation revealed that they received unauthorized stipends. As a result, key administrators either resigned, their contracts were not renewed or they were relieved of their duties, effective immediately.

“The actions have been taken by the superintendent, and now the board must act,” Williams said. “We have been assured by our superintendent and attorney that all policies and procedures have been followed. We are doing what our due diligence has asked us to do, which is follow policy and procedures. “

Williams said the board is also weighing the concerns of residents, those who support the actions of the superintendent and attorney and those who have voiced concerns for some of the administrators, including those who attended Wednesday night’s board meeting where they urged the board to overturn the decision. He said the board is also awaiting the results from the State’s Attorney and Attorney General’s office.

“This is a difficult time for our board, our district and our community,” Williams said. “The board of education is not going to allow funds to be misappropriated in our district or for any administrator to receive pay for work that has not been completed, and this board also wants the public to know that we are protecting your tax dollars. But we also recognize that there is a process we must follow and there must be fairness and justice, because some of the individuals who are part of this investigation are looked upon as positive role models and have done very good work in the district.”

Despite the on-going investigations and the hearings, Williams noted that the district is taking steps to make sure the 2012-2013 school year will open as planned without any disruption.