Same-Sex Prenuptial Agreements Offer Protection for Gay Couples

Desert Hot Springs, CA (PRWEB) July 30, 2008 — LawDepot.com is proud to announce the introduction of its California Same-Sex Marriage Prenuptial Agreement (http://www.lawdepot.com/contracts/same-sex-prenup). This new document allows same-sex couples planning to get married in California to create a prenuptial agreement to protect their assets prior to the marriage.

With the California Supreme Court declaring it illegal not to allow same-sex marriages, gay couples now need to have access to the same prenuptial protection that is available to heterosexual couples. To help provide this protection, LawDepot has created a Same-Sex Prenuptial Agreement Form (http://www.lawdepot.com/contracts/same-sex-prenup). Because this form is gender-neutral it can be used by both homosexual and heterosexual couples.

LawDepot’s Same-Sex Prenuptial Agreement Form allows gay and lesbian couples to create a prenup to set out each party’s assets, debts, and property rights before marriage. It also allows for the settling of any issues surrounding division of property and support payments in the event of a divorce. And, just like LawDepot’s general prenuptial agreement form, the same-sex document allows users to create provisions for any children that either party may have from a previous relationship.

Amid the excitement at the idea of finally being allowed to get legally married, many same-sex couples may not stop and think about getting a prenuptial agreement, or they may think that it will do too complicated, as many lawyers are not yet prepared to draft this type of paperwork. LawDepot’s same-sex prenup form is quick and easy-to-use, and is significantly cheaper than a prenup drafted by a lawyer.

Couples who do think of drafting a prenup will undoubtedly keep lawyers busy for months. By using LawDepot’s Same-Sex Prenuptial Agreement Form, couples can skip the lawyer and not worry about postponing their marriage plans until after they’ve been able to get an appointment with an attorney.

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