Roofing Projects, Crime Free Housing Ordinance On the Agenda

Park Forest, IL—(ENEWSPF)— The Village Board has two items on its agenda for its meeting Monday night.  The first is a re-roofing project for building number seven in the Downtown the Park Forest Aqua Center.  The memo provided by Park Superintendent Rob Gunther itemizes the results of bids for these projects, and also includes an alternate for a partial "Green Roof" to be installed at the Aqua Center Bathhouse.

Commenting on the current condition of these roofs in a memo to Village Manager Tom Mick, Gunther says, "Both of these roofs are in extremely poor condition. Building #7 has some very large splits in the roof membrane and the bath house roof has shrunk so badly that it is pulling the fascia from the perimeter of the building and we cannot keep it from leaking along the west wall."

The second item on the agenda is an ordinance regarding residential crime free housing in the Village of Park Forest.  According to the memo prepared for the board by Tom Mick, "The Village’s Troubled Building and Property Task Force has worked with Village Prosecutor Jason Danielian over the past several months in establishing the attached Crime Free Housing Ordinance. The language is a hybrid of similar programs in two other Illinois communities (Oak Forest & Schaumburg). The intent behind this initiative is to enhance overall quality of life in the Village.”

According to Mick, the ordinance establishes a requirement that property owners engaged in the business of renting homes, condos, apartments, etc. must be licensed.  Group homes are exempt per state statute, according to the memo.  The ordinance also establishes an application and annual fee structure with the fees proposed to be based on the number of units being granted by the applicant. “The ordinance stipulates that approved licenses will be contingent upon a public safety/crime inspection for each property being rented in the community. Rented properties will also be subject to periodic inspections as deemed necessary by the Village,” according to Mick.

The ordinance also mandates a Crime Free Housing Seminar, administered by the police department, which will be mandated for all presidential license holders.  Follow-up attendance of this seminar will be required once every three years that the license holder continues to rent property in Park Forest. “Failure to comply with attending the seminars will result in a suspension of the rental license.”

The entire agenda for tonight’s meeting is available online here.

Source: VOPF.com