Residents Complain About Quality of Water

Updated June 22, 3:39 p.m. 

Park Forest, IL—(ENEWSPF)— Several residents this week reported to eNews Park Forest that their water was cloudy, rusty, or foul smelling. In some cases, residents reported that their water had a sulphuric odor to it. Reached by phone, Village Manager Tom Mick said that the problems residents are experiencing are because workers at the water plant are in the process of bringing online a million gallon reservoir tank that sits adjacent to the water plant. The reservoir sits east of the water plant.

While the new water plant is completely operational, workers are still in the process of bringing items like the reservoir and additional wells into the system, according to Tom Mick. "There are other things we’re doing to augment the system that stir up sediment in the system like [residents are] seeing."

Mick explained that, typically, the water system operates in a closed vacuum, "You typically have a closed system where you have steady levels of pressure. Water passes through peacefully." When the vacuum is disturbed, as typically happens during hydrant flushings, sediment may become "kicked up" and flow through the lines.

The village expects the system to settle down in the next couple of days. Mick said that while the water may not be aesthetically pleasing, it is safe to bathe in, drink, and do laundry. "We do multiple testings throughout the system each month – 28 to be exact." He says the testings are conducted in different locations throughout the community each month  and that these tests are in accordance with standards established by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency.

Residents whose laundry may have become discolored because of sediment are encouraged to contact Village Hall to get a solution to help restore the clothing. Residents should apply this solution before putting discolored clothing in the dryer.

Anyone with particular questions about their drinking water should call 503-7702.