Rep. Schakowsky Statement on Republican Budget Resolution

Washington, DC–(ENEWSPF)–March 29, 2012 – Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) released the following statement on the House Republican Budget: 

“Today I voted against the irresponsible Republican budget resolution for fiscal year 2013. Budgets reflect priorities, and the Republican’s budget makes clear that their party puts the richest 1 percent as top priority and makes everyone else bear the burden. 

Republicans offered a similar budget last year and the American people rejected it. Instead of doing some soul-searching and re-examining their choices and priorities, Republicans have doubled-down. This budget ends the Medicare guarantee and will raise the already-high out-of-pocket spending for seniors, who have an average income of just $19,000 a year. It increases defense spending while slashing investments important to job creation, seniors, children, and the middle class, and places a cap on food assistance for the poor. 

At the same time, this budget includes a tax plan that would give the average millionaire a tax break of $394,000. And because Republicans claim that tax changes would be revenue neutral, Republicans will have to raise taxes on the middle class and slash all domestic spending. In 2010, 93 percent of the additional income in the U.S., $288 billion, went to the top 1 percent of taxpayers. Meanwhile, the bottom 99 percent increased their income by an average of just 80 dollars. The Republican budget would do nothing to address income inequality. Instead, it would make it worse. 

Americans want leadership from their government that would rebuild the middle class and put our economy on a strong footing for the future. The Republican budget does not reflect Americans’ priorities. Fortunately, it will go no further than today’s vote in the House.” 

Source: schakowsky.house.gov

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