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Rep. Kelly Responds: Danville City Council Approves Anti-Choice Ordinance

Danville, IL-(ENEWSPF)- The Danville City Council approved an ordinance that bans the mailing and shipping of abortion pills to the city. The ordinance passed despite repeated warnings from legal experts that the measure violates Illinois law

Congresswoman Robin Kelly issued the following statement in response:

“Let me be very clear: abortion care is health care. This ordinance explicitly violates Illinois state law, and the Danville City Council has chosen to turn back the clock on women’s rights instead of moving our community forward. Women in Danville deserve the right to control their own bodies and access reproductive health services in their own communities.

“The state of Illinois guarantees all women the right to abortion care. Despite the City Council’s misguided approval of this anti-choice ordinance, women in Danville are still guaranteed full protection of their right to an abortion.

“Vermilion County already faces a dire shortage of reproductive health services in the region. Anti-choice measures like this only further discourage providers from offering accessible care in the region and put lives at risk.

“I stand with my constituents in Danville who deserve safe, accessible reproductive health care. I will always fight for reproductive freedom. I urge the city council and the mayor to reconsider this misguided policy. I look forward to speaking with community leaders to find solutions that will allow all women to access the reproductive health services they deserve.”