Rep. Kelly, Rep. Gallego, and President of Brady Campaign Dan Gross Call on ATF and Attorney General Lynch to Shut Down ‘Bad Apple’ Gun Dealers

Washington, D.C.-(ENEWSPF)- Today Congresswoman Robin Kelly (IIL-02), Congressman Ruben Gallego (AZ-07),  and the President of the Brady Campaign, Dan Gross, participated in a press conference and sent a letter to Attorney General Loretta Lynch calling on her to take bold immediate action and crackdown on “bad apple” gun dealers who sell arms without a full background check. 

Mr. Chris Kitaeff, who is a successful and responsible gun dealer in Arizona and who has adopted the Brady Code, explained that gun dealers can do the right thing and help keep arms out of the hands of the wrong people by refusing to sell a gun without a complete background check.

You can read the letter, here.

Approximately 90% of arms used in crimes in the United States can be traced to 5% of all gun dealers. These “bad apple” gun dealers are responsible for supplying guns to almost the entire criminal market that are used to terrorize and endanger our communities. 

“One of the surest ways to reduce gun violence and gun crime is to demand that gun dealers properly follow the law, and deny sales to individuals who should not be allowed to purchase a firearm. It’s a simple, straightforward practice that has the potential to save many American lives,” Congresswoman Kelly said. “Gun dealers must take responsibility for their products, which have real and deadly consequences when placed in the wrong hands. That’s why I’m joining my colleague Congressman Gallego in calling on Attorney General Loretta Lynch to hold bad apple gun dealers accountable in implementing stricter sales standards to ensure that all guns sold are going to individuals who can lawfully purchase guns and who will safely use guns.” 

“A small number of “bad apple” gun dealers supply almost all guns used in crimes. The murder of 9 innocent people in Charleston was a reminder of the potential consequences of allowing an individual to buy a gun without waiting for the background check to be complete,” said Congressman Ruben Gallego.  “We’re calling on Attorney General Lynch to shut down these “bad apple” gun dealers whose actions are causing so much harm to communities across the country. We cannot sit on the sidelines while our communities are terrorized because of loopholes that allow gun dealers discretion to sell a gun after 3 business days if a background check is not yet complete. We must keep guns out of the wrong hands.”

Source: RobinKelly.house.gov