Rep. Jan Schakowsky Votes Against Legislation to Make Permanent Billions in Unpaid-For Tax Breaks

Washington, DC–(ENEWSPF)–December 17, 2015.  Today, Rep. Jan Schakowsky issued the following statement after voting against legislation that would make nearly $700 billion in unpaid-for tax breaks permanent:

“Could Republicans be anymore hypocritical when it comes to deficits and spending? When it comes funding healthcare for first responders, seniors or education for students, Republicans insist that every dime must be paid-for. But when their friends in the business community or other wealthy special interests need their tax breaks renewed, the increase to the deficit no longer matters.

“Today, I voted against this outrageous tax break package totaling nearly $700 billion, which was completely unpaid-for. We know that with Paul Ryan leading efforts in the House, Republicans will come back to balance the deficit that they increased by going after Medicare, Social Security, education programs and efforts to protect our environment. I will continue to fight to protect programs for hard working Americans and our seniors and I will oppose all efforts to give special handouts to big businesses and wealthy special interests. This is not how we build a strong economy for all Americans.”

Source: www.schakowsky.house.gov