Presidential Candidates Appear Desperate

First off, I bet you were wondering what happened to car talk.  Well, honestly, I have been very busy with my classes this semester at my new school.  I am still trying to find my bearings.  Anyway, I still will continue my car talk blogs as well as writing car reviews However, for this blog, I want to try something different.  Instead of talking about cars why not talk about politics.  How about those debates?  In my opinion, I think that the McCain campaign is struggling right now to stay ahead in the poles, and at times they almost seem desperate posting several negative campaign ads that are not true against Obama. Also, I believe that some people are beginning to see the writing on the wall that McCain’s choice for VP may have been a big mistake. I believe that Gov. Sarah Palin is a nice person and has probably done great things for her state of Alaska,  but we have moved beyond one state, we are talking the nation and the globe here and we need someone with experience on all fronts including foreign policy and the economy. We need a person with leadership who can quickly and accurately tackle major issues and I am sorry to say that from my observations that Palin is not that person.