Prairie State Loses a Leader


The unfortunate resignation of Dr. Paul McCarthy from Prairie State will leave an incredible void at the college. His leadership has been praised by many, both inside and outside the institution, and has been apparent and public, contrary to the deafening silence of those who opposed him.

McCarthy can leave with his head held high. His dedication to the students, the faculty, the support staff, and the surrounding community is evident by the overwhelming public support he has received.

We are simply left to wonder why he was opposed at all. Four board members opposed his contract, and they have provided the public they serve with little to no explanation of their decisions. Abrupt and argumentative replies to respected members of the college community seeking explanation are entirely inappropriate.

At the October 30 board meeting, Board Secretary Jacqueline Agee scolded Student Body President Bryce Johnsen when he questioned the lack of explanation on the part of board members. But the truth is Agee and each of the four who opposed McCarthy had every opportunity for months to explain their decisions. They took a pass.

So what now for Prairie State?