Police Tires Slashed, Security Camera Damaged, Man Charged

New surveillance camera at the PFPD

This security camera at the Park Forest Police Station is new. The previous camera had to be replaced last week after a man allegedly damaged it. (Photo: ENEWSPF)

Park Forest, IL—(ENEWSPF)— A man came to the Park Forest Police Department to complain about a "bogus" ticket last week was arrested after he allegedly slashed tires on police vehicles and cut wires of a surveillance camera in the foyer of the police station.

Jumanne A. Broomfield, 29, 279 Forest Blvd., Park Forest, arrived at the Police Department at approximately 1:15 p.m. and asked to speak with a police supervisor. He told the records clerk that he had just received two tickets from Officer Obremski on a traffic stop and wished to speak with a supervisor regarding the tickets. Broomfield waited in the lobby of the police station for approximately 20 minutes. He then got up to leave. However, on his way out he allegedly approached the video surveillance camera by the lobby door and snatched the cable cords off the camera, damaging the camera, according to police. He told police after his arrest that he became very upset when a supervisor did not respond.

He then left the police department, drove around the area in his vehicle, and then drove to his girlfriend’s residence in the 200 block of Forest Blvd.. According to police, he told them that he was so upset over the tickets that he began "ranting and raving" while his girlfriend attempted to calm him down. However, he stated that he grabbed the first sharp object he found, exited the residence and walked back to the police department, according to police. After returning to the police department, he approached the first two police vehicles he saw and allegedly punctured the rear tires of both squad cars. He then walked home and threw the knife in the grass, according to police.

Broomfield wrote a voluntary statement admitting to damaging the surveillance camera and the two tires, according to police. The video surveillance CD showing Broomfield damaging the surveillance camera was recovered, packaged and placed into evidence.

The total repair cost of the two tires is $244.22. The cost for the surveillance camera is $550, according to police.

Broomfield was arrested and charged with a felony count of criminal damage to state-supported property.