Police Seek 30 MPH Speed Limit on Western Ave. During Construction

Park Forest, IL—(ENEWSPF)— Police Chief Thomas Fleming told board members and members of the public at Saturday’s Rules meeting that he is seeking to temporarily lower the speed on Western Ave. to 30 mph until construction is completed. 

According to the Police Chief, the narrow lanes and the construction barricades are not slowing drivers down, “People are still going 35, which means they’re going 40, in that single lane.  The thought is to lower that to 30.”

Fleming says Orchard and Westwood are already showing even more congestion than they normally do, especially when trains block Western.  “During rush hour, we’ve put an officer to control traffic there.  That’s a mess.  It backs all the way back to Western Avenue.” 

Police are paying special attention to Western during certain peak hours and will strictly enforce speed limits.  Fleming said officers have been told to frequent Western Ave. during these times if they are not on another call.

“If in the beginning of the construction thing, people have the attitude that Park Forest Police are really being unfair writing a lot of tickets on Western Avenue, that’s a good thing,” Fleming said.

Editor’s Note: The writer is a member of the Village Board.