Police Reports – November 12, 2007


The Park Forest Police Station. (Photo: Wendy Heise)

Park Forest, IL—(ENEWSPF)— Editor’s Note: We continue our reporting on news from police reports. Besides covering the many stories from around Park Forest that otherwise might go unnoticed, we want to bring more complete coverage of police reports than is reported by other local media.

An arrest does not mean that a person is guilty. All those arrested are presumed innocent until proven guilty. It is the policy of eNews Park Forest to not remove items in the public record from publication. If your name is listed in the police reports, we will only add information relevant to the final disposition of the case at hand, e.g. "Mr. Smith was subsequently acquitted," or "All charges against Mr. Smith were subsequently dropped." We will do so upon receiving and verifying proof of such disposition.

We will always include some introductory comments before the first item. While everything that follows is a matter of public record, we do not believe it is necessary to have names on page one. 

Reginald D. Parker, 22251 W. 119th St., Blue Island, IL, was arrested and charged with obstructing a peace officer on November 1.  An officer driving through the rear parking lot of the Park Forest Police Department in a marked police vehicle observed a group of four subjects, one of whom was a male subject who was smoking a cigarette.  That subject, later identified as Parker, was carrying a book bag and did not appear to be 18 years of age.  When the officer asked Parker how old he was, he allegedly replied that he was 18.

Officer Elliot and K-9 Brix were dispatched to the intersection of Sauk Trail and Butterfield Street to assist the Richton Park Police Department with a K-9 track.  Officer Elliot spoke with Richton Park Officer Parr, who informed Elliot that while conducting a traffic stop on Butterfield Street, the driver allegedly fled on foot from the vehicle.  Officer Elliot began a track from Butterfield Street, where the officer had last seen the subject.  K-9 Brix tracked straight to trees and thick bushes located by a sign on the southwest corner of Sauk Trail at Butterfield Street. Officer Elliot gave two commands toward the bushes that the canine would be used if the subject did not announce himself.  On the second command, a male voice yelled from inside the bushes, "All right!  All right!  Please don’t send in the dog!"  The subject was taken into custody without further incident.  Officer Elliot later learned that the subject had no valid driver’s license, and that illegal substances had been located inside the vehicle by Richton Park officers, according to the report.

Alfred Savage, 42, 243 Arcadia, Park Forest, was arrested on November 2 and charged with illegal transportation of alcoholic beverage when an officer who was in the parking lot of Stop and Shop, 2599 Western Ave., observed Savage allegedly walking through the parking lot and onto the sidewalk with an open bottle of Steel Reserve beer.

The rear window of an automobile parked in the 21800 block of Central Park Avenue was reported shattered on November 3.  Officers observed a shattered window and discovered four small holes caused by pellets from a BB gun.  No other vehicles in the area had similar damage.

The driver’s door window of an automobile parked in the 300 block of Winnebago was reported shattered on November 3.

A black male subject allegedly entered a business in the 300 block of Main Street on November 3, gathered clothing items in his arms, and exited the store without paying.  The subject is described as a black male in his 30s, approximately 5’11", 150 pounds with black hair.  He was wearing a tan leather coat, green shirt, and blue pants.

Donovan B. Wilson, 30, 110 Monee Rd., Park Forest, was arrested on November 3 and charged with criminal trespass to property when police responded to a residence in the 100 block of Monee Rd. to investigate a suspicious person.

An Apex DVD player was reported stolen from a house in the 0 – 100 block of Allegheny Court on November 3.

Duane R. Young, 32, 21949 Churchill, Richton Park, was arrested on November 4 and charged with criminal damage to property, resisting a peace officer, and an IDOC parole violation warrant, when police were called to the 200 block of Arrowhead to investigate a report of an unknown disturbance.  While attempting to gain entrance to a house, Young allegedly "beat" on the front door, causing the wooden door jam to break apart and causing damage to the door hinges as well, according to a witness.  When brought to the Park Forest Police Station, Young allegedly refused to exit the police vehicle, after officers ordered him several times to do so.  An officer used his taser, stunning Young on the left side.  According to the report, while walking into the police station, Young allegedly stated, "I’ve never been tased before.  That felt good, do it again."  Young allegedly refused to go to his cell, and was carried there by four officers, according to the report.

Dwain Perkins, Jr., 34, 7100 166th St., Tinley Park, was arrested on November 4 and charged with one felony count of possession of cannabis, and issued a citation for disobeying a stop sign when an officer in a fully marked squad car traveling westbound on Illinois St. approaching Orchard Drive observed the vehicle Perkins was driving allegedly disobey a stop sign.

Isiah D. Ross, 18, 95 Fir, Park Forest, was arrested on November 8 and charged with discharge of an air rifle when police responded to the 100 block of Fir in reference to a criminal damage to property report.

Oscar J. Harper, Jr., 20, 21804 Peterson Ave., Sauk Village, was arrested on November 9 and charged with domestic battery when police were dispatched to the 0 – 100 block of Leims to investigate a report of a domestic disturbance.

A juvenile reported that on November 9, he was walking home from a park northbound from Birch between the courts.  As he was walking on the sidewalk just south of a residence in the 2700 block of Western Ave., he was approached by two male subjects.  One of the subjects allegedly struck the juvenile in the back of his head with an unknown object.  The juvenile related that it felt as if he was hit with a metal-type object, but was not sure if it was a handgun.  The juvenile fell to the ground, and the second subject began yelling, "Get down on the ground.  Where’s the money?"  The juvenile reported that the second subject began going through his pockets.  He did not have any money on him, but did have a cell phone, which the offenders allegedly stole.  Both subjects then began running north toward the Eastgate subdivision.  The subjects are described as male, black, approximately 5’8" and 5’10", between 160 pounds and 180 pounds.

A silver Sony VCR/DVD player was reported stolen from a house in the 200 block of Arcadia on November 9.  A resident reported coming home, and finding that the door on the east side of the residence had its lower windows smashed out.

Five juveniles were given municipal citations for disorderly conduct on November 9 when police were dispatched to the 400 block of Shabbona to investigate a report of juveniles throwing eggs at a house.

Bruce D. Brown, 39, 20431 Greenwood, Olympia Fields, was arrested on November 9 and charged with domestic battery when police were called to the 400 block of Indianwood to investigate a report of domestic battery.