Podcasting the Classroom

(PRWEB) November 27, 2007 — Premier Assistive Technology announces the release of the Premier Presentation Capture software. This software package allows instructors to easily record their presentations and transfer them into Video Podcasts.

In many university lecture halls and classrooms, you’ll find students recording a lecture or presentation. However, only the actual lecture can be recorded. Naturally, any notes displayed via an overhead projector or on an old fashioned chalkboard can’t be recorded. However, for environments where digital tools are employed (SMART Board™, PowerPoint presentations, etc.), Premier Presentation Capture solves this problem by recording all elements of a digital presentation into compact media files, which can later be played on a computer or other multimedia players, including Premier VPod or an Apple iPod™.

The requirements for graduation from high school have risen sharply over the last decade. These requirements exceed the education level of the parents in 68 percent of the households in North America. In other words, over two-thirds of current high school students in the U.S. can’t ask their parents for help with their homework. Premier Assistive Technology is committed to expanding the educational playing field to maximize the chance of success for all students. "Schools have always struggled with the concept of letting the students take the classroom home" said Dr. Steve Timmer, Vice-President of Research and Development for Premier Assistive Technology, Inc. "Now we’ve solved that problem with our Premier Presentation Capture software".

Premier Presentation Capture can be used to record classroom presentations, including all associated audio AND all activity being presented via a PC workstation-based projection system or electronic whiteboard (e.g. SMART Board™).

The Presentation Capture software creates compact multimedia files which can later be placed on a server. Students can then review the material at anytime. The video files are compatible with both Macintosh and Windows-based operating systems.

Once a lecture or presentation has been captured, students can replay and review the information as many times as necessary by simply opening the particular lecture, and forwarding to the desired section. This alleviates any errors, such as writing down the wrong information, or missing notes, because the students get to see the complete original presentation.

Premier Presentation Capture is part of the Premier VideoCast Studio. The VideoCast Studio contains the following:

  • Premier Presentation Capture: Capture both audio and video presentations, and turn them into Video Podcasts. Premier Presentation Capture is compatible with all types of interactive "digital" white boards, including SMART BoardTM and Promethean.
  • Premier VideoCast Software: Turn documents on your computer into portable multimedia files which can be optimized in today’s hand-held media players.
  • VPod Video Converter: The video converter is a batch video converter which converts virtually all video file types, making them compatible with Premier Assistive Technology’s Key to Access VPod.

The Suggested Retail Price for Premier VideoCast Studio is $199.95, but from now until Dec 31, 2007, you can take advantage of either of the following offers:

  • Purchase Premier VideoCast Studio for only $99.95 plus S&H.
  • Alternatively, purchase Premier Assistive’s VPod at $424.95 plus S&H, and you can receive a FREE copy of Premier VideoCast Studio.

Please be sure to mention promotion code VC2007 when you order.

For more information about VideoCast Studio, go to Premier Assistive’s website and select Educational Solutions.