Plane Crash Results in Positive Outcome

A plane crash that occurred after 3:30 this evening on the Hudson River off of Manhattan New York, has a positive outcome. The incident occurred shortly after take off, when the pilot claimed  the plane had hit a flock of large birds that had been in the area.  Confirming reports from the media indicate the pilot radioed that both engines had failed and the plane was powerless.  Some witnesses said they had seen smoke coming from the engines before it crashed into the river.   Reports indicate that the pilot of the plane had over 30 years of experience and knew what he was doing.  He landed the plane perfectly and made sure that when he landed that it did not cause the plane to break apart upon impact. Other boats and emergency rescuers responded to the distressed plane. Nothing can prepare for these types of disasters, but had the pilot not acted in this situation, lives could have been lost. Despite the cold conditions, and the dangers it posed, everyone on the plane survived.