Park Forest’s Elected Officials Sign Contract with the Future

Mary Wilson and Mayor John Ostenburg

Mayor John Ostenburg signs the Contract with the Future. (Photo: VOPF)

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Park Forest, IL–(ENEWSPF)– The Mayor and Board of Trustees for the Village of Park Forest signed a Contract With the Future during the December 14, 2009 Board Meeting at Village Hall.

The contract will serve as a visual reminder of the elected officials’ commitment to serving the Village with integrity and dedication to sound democratic principles. Additionally, each signature affixed to the Contract With the Future is a commitment to the Village’s goals established for 2010-2011, which include:

  • Maintain excellence in governing and create a more participatory government.
  • Create relationships and program initiatives to engage families, teachers and school board members of the District 163 community to increase collective awareness of problems, challenges, and opportunities to work together to provide the best education possible for the children of Park Forest.
  • Increase commercial, business and residential development in the Village.
  • Establish policies that assure an acceptable and sustainable level of financial, environmental and infrastructure components of the Village.
  • Increase awareness of the quality of life in the Village of Park Forest.

This is the first year Village officials have signed such a contract.

Speaking on why the Board decided to implement a contract this year, Mayor John Ostenburg said, “These are trying times. They’re economically challenging times. There’s a lot of new needs that communities are facing that we did not face in the past, and to actually codify our commitment by signing a contract that we present to our community, I think, is an example of the commitment that this board has expressed and is willing to make.”

“The Village Board sets goals every year,” Trustee Gary Kopycinski said. “Placing this year’s goals on a contract and signing our names to them helps us set these goals apart, keeping them front and center throughout the coming year.”

The decision to create a Contract for the Future was made by Village Board Members during 2010 goal-setting meetings which occurred in October.

The Contact for the Future, signed by each elected official, will be displayed for the duration of the 2010-2011 year in the Village Hall lobby.

See the video of the December 14th meeting now by clicking here.

Source: VOPF

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