Park Forest Police Joined Search For Missing Jogger

Park Forest, IL—(ENEWSPF)— Members of the Park Forest Police Department were called in to help with the search for Alma Mendez, from Chicago Heights, who went missing while jogging on Sunday, October 28. Her body found last Tuesday afternoon. Mendez had been jogging in the same Forest Preserve for the past ten years, according to police reports.

On October 28, Officer Elliot was summoned at 10:17 p.m. for a K-9 assist by the Cook County Forest Preserve Police at 26th St. and Ashland Ave. Officer Elliot was advised that a K-9 track was requested from a vehicle owned by a missing person, Alma Mendez, who went to the Forest Preserve to jog, according to the report.  Mendez’s cellular telephone was registered off a nearby cellular tower, according to her cellular telephone provider.  Numerous officers, including two Cook County Sheriff police K-9 units, were checking the wooded area of 26th St. and Euclid, where the cellular phone signal was reportedly emanating. 

Officer Elliot’s assistance was requested to attempt a K-9 track from the vehicle in the parking lot.  The report indicates there were numerous people walking around the vehicle. A scent trail could not be located.  Officer Elliot also checked the paved path where the vehicle was located.  Officer Shulman also responded to the scene to assist. 

Later, after having negative results, officers Elliot, Shulman, and Houcek used night vision sets from the Park Forest Police Department in the forest area near 26th St. and Euclid St. in Chicago Heights. 

Officers had negative results, and concluded their assistance at 4:51 a.m.

Alma Mendez was thirty-eight years old.