Park Forest K-9 Sniffs Out Robbery Suspect


Officer Lee Elliot with his partner, K-9 Officer Brix. (Photo: ENEWSPF)

Police Dog Brix Called On To Aid Matteson PD 

Updated 5-28-07, 4:55 p.m. 

Park Forest, IL—(ENEWSPF)— Police responded to Vollmer Avenue, East of Cicero Avenue to assist Matteson Police Department with a K-9 track. A Matteson officer told police an armed robbery had just occurred at the Radio Shack Store in Matteson. The suspect allegedly told employees he had a gun. The vehicle the suspect drove was pursued by Matteson officers to the area of Cicero Avenue and Vollmer Road.

The suspect drove the vehicle into the woods of the Vollmer Forest Preserve and then fled the vehicle. Park Forest Police used the driver side of the vehicle and a backpack found inside for scent for the dog. The backpack had been used during the robbery and contained the proceeds from the store.

The K-9 track led to a large set of bushes where police found the suspect lying face down under the bushes.  "We caught him napping," said Officer Lee Elliot, whose K-9 partner Brix tracked the suspect.  Elliot said the suspect was sleeping, well-hidden, "It looked like he had been there a while and fell asleep."

The suspect provided a name to the officers and was arrested. While still at the scene, officers were informed the suspect vehicle had been stolen in Chicago, per the Chicago Police Department.

According to an update to this police report added today by Officer Elliot, the subject taken into custody in this incident was later identified with fingerprints as Calvin Burke, 39, and that the name Burke originally provided was false.  Burke was later charged and processed by the Matteson Police Department with one count of aggravated robbery.  According to Officer Elliot, Burke is not being cooperative.  Matteson police have only been able to determine that he is out of Chicago.  Additional charges are possibly still pending by the States Attorneys Office, according to the report.

Source: Park Forest Police Department