Online Instant Messaging Hurts English, According to Company

Newark, DE (PRWEB) June 13, 2007 — At least 13 million Americans aged 12-17 have chatted through online instant messaging services according to a Pew report. The teens chat for a combined three million hours each day. Besides exploiting the teens' time, these hours and IMs are destroying the English language.

WhiteSmoke writing software presents the only solution for those who need to maintain their English grammar.

James Billington, the US Librarian of Congress, noted that "[the Internet destroys the sentence, the foundation of the English language, with its diction-mangling chat rooms". The abundance of IM communication through chat programs like ICQ and MSN Messenger is affecting students' ability to write properly.

Teachers bemoan the inferior English writing of their middle and high school students. Abbreviations make no sense, punctuation is vanishing and capitalization at the beginning of sentences is forgotten. Online tools like WhiteSmoke writing software help students stay on track. When the line between IM speak and proper English blurs because of so much time spent instant messaging, students have a solution. They will not need to worry about lowered grades resulting from poor writing.

Business people must be wary, too. As Christopher Huntley points out, 80 percent of all business communication is written. When this professor at Fairfield University who prepares students for business communication sees a typo, he doubts the writer's credibility.

And the chances of getting hired with IM speak? Well, just imagine what the response would be to a summer job application like the following, that a 15-year-old submitted: "i want 2 b a counselor because i love 2 work with kids."

In the world of instant messaging, abbreviations are acceptable. But not all writers can distinguish between an online chat, letter written in Microsoft Word or email crafted in Outlook. Those writers need trustworthy software like WhiteSmoke to help them.

WhiteSmoke writing software, activated with one click, checks punctuation and spelling. The grammar checker takes care of incorrect verb tenses and prepositions. The writing software also includes a thesaurus full of synonyms for writing enrichment. This simple solution is essential for maintaining a high level of quality in English writing. Visit this site to learn more here about how WhiteSmoke can help you proofread your online messages: http://www.whitesmoke.com/