Old Water Plant Undergoes Demolition


Demolition of the old water plant began last week. Village officials report that 100% of the water now being supplied to residents is being generated by the new plant. (Photo: ENEWSPF)

Park Forest, IL—(ENEWSPF)— Demolition began last week on the old water plant last week. After a brief hiccup in mid-April when excessive calcium caused a white, cloudy discoloration for residents for a day, 100% of the water now being supplied to the residents is being generated at the new plant. Village Manager Tom Mick said last week the new plant has experienced some mechanical and chemical issues with the transition. "At one point this week, Chief Water Plant Operator Ron Erickson was on site for more than 36 consecutive hours in trying to iron out the problems.  Likewise, Director Ken Eyer has been in quite early a number of days this week (as early as 5 AM) and has been doing an excellent job of keeping me informed of the transition," Mick said in an email memo to the village board. Mick said he expects that the old water plant will be completely gone by the end of May.

Following are some pictures from the demolition: