Officer Prevents 7-11 Hold-Up

Park Forest, IL—(ENEWSPF)— Three men were arrested outside the 7-11 on Sauk Trail moments before they had a chance to carry out an alleged plan to rob the store and possibly injure the clerk.

On November 26, at approximately 1 a.m., police were dispatched to the 7-11, 425 Sauk Trail, to investigate a report of suspicious subjects. Upon arrival, officers observed that Officer Parr of the Richton Park Police Department had three subjects detained in front of his patrol vehicle.

Officer Parr stated that he observed the three subjects on foot in the middle of Sauk Trail walk south bound toward the 7-11. He related that one of the subjects went to the northeast corner of the store, while the other two subjects walked toward the bike rack. The officer observed one of the subjects crouch down, putting some type of rack or scarf on his face in an alleged attempt to cover his face.

The men are identified as Lemont D. Stillwell, 21, 189 Washington, Park Forest; Keith Sowell, 20, 411 Winnemac, Park Forest; and Michael D. Dixon, 17, 189 Washington, Park Forest.

The three allegedly admitted to police that they intended to rob the store. During a search of the subjects, a butcher knife with a black handle and an 8 inch blade was located inside Stillwell’s sweatshirt. From Sowell, police recovered a roll of black electrical tape. Dixon was allegedly carrying a wooden baseball bat that was in the crease of his back underneath a jacket, and also a black steak knife with a 5 1/2 inch blade.

In a statement to police, the three allegedly said that they decided they needed money. They first began talking about "robbing someone" to get money, and then decided to rob a business instead. They first went to Family Video with the intention, but when they arrived, the store was closed. They next went to the Marathon Gas Station, but when they arrived, the clerk "had the glass closed", referring to the bulletproof glass partition, so they decided to go to the 7-11 instead.

Stillwell allegedly stated to police that their original intention had been to obtain a pistol from a person named "Nate", and use it during the robbery. They contacted Nate, but discovered that the pistol had been stolen. Stillwell allegedly stated that he would have taken the gun and "pistol whipped the clerk" and then "jumped the counter to get the cash". When they could obtain a gun, Stillwell suggested taking the bat and knives, according to police.

Stillwell allegedly related that he would have taken the knife and "slashed at the clerk and she woulda ducked or got cut, then I would have jumped the counter and hit the safe while she was down," according to his statement to police.

Corporal LoSchiavo of the Park Forest Police Department contacted Felony Review, and received approval to charge all three with attempted armed robbery.