Occupy Chicago: The City of Chicago Has Forgotten Who They Serve

CHICAGO–(ENEWSPF)–October 25, 2011.  The City of Chicago has forgotten who they serve. Tomorrow, October 26, in solidarity with Coalition Against NATO/G8, Occupy Chicago and others will participate in a non-violent action dubbed “Occupy City Hall.” We will meet at 1:30pm at Jackson and LaSalle and from there, march to City Hall.

The purpose of the action is to put pressure on Mayor Emanuel to publicly commit to giving march permits “within sight and sound” of the May 2012 G8/NATO summits in Chicago, and that Police Superintendent McCarthy cease making threatening statements against would-be G8/NATO.

ALSO, in light of recent events — the Mayor’s arrests of peaceful protesters exercising their 1st Amendment rights last Saturday night and the Saturday before that — we will be demanding that the City drop all the charges against the protesters.

We will be demanding that the City allow a permanent 1st Amendment encampment for Occupy Chicago as many other major cities now do.

Source: www.occupychi.org