Non-Partisan Committee To Meet on Rule Changes

Park Forest, IL–(ENEWSPF)– The Committee for Non-Partisan Local Government in Park Forest (NPC) has scheduled a special membership meeting for 7:30 p.m. Thursday, November 13 at the Park Forest Village Hall. The purpose of the meeting is to consider changing the rules for participation in candidate forums for candidates for village office.

Because the core mission of the NPC is to provide information on candidates to an informed electorate, it has long been a tradition to allow candidates to participate in forums even if they don’t sign an agreement to follow the rules. The rules include a provision that candidates will run as individuals and not as part of a slate of candidates.

NPC members have become concerned that because some previous candidates have banded together in a slate, an unlevel playing has been created for those who do abide by the rules and campaign on their own behalf.

Only members of the Non-Partisan Committee may participate and vote at the November 13 meeting. However, membership is open to all Park Forest residents, who are welcome to join at the meeting.

For questions about the NPC and membership, contact Judy Lohr at 708-747-1308.