News from our Archivist

January 8, 2008 Update The museum has re-opened at 141 Forest Blvd at the corner of Forest and Fir.  Now the thing is to get the Village to put street signs at the corner of Forest and Fir, and for us to get a new museum sign made.  We opened to the public on December 1, 2007.  We hope to have a grand opening very soon.  I am now titled  Museum Director, which more accurately reflects the work I do for the museum.  The society initiated this title change in December 2007.  I still also retain the title of Archvist.  Those are two separate functions.  See my contribution to the Memoirs section for an interesting story on Norman Rockwell’s painting, New Kids on the Block."  Our webhost will be migrating us to a new platform at some point this year.  If you have trouble connecting with something, please try back or notify us at our email, parkforesthistory1atyahoo.com.  The society board is working very hard putting together a budget reflecting our new expenses, and our projected expenses for a few possible scenarios for how we hope to evolve into having a permanent home for the Park Forest Local History Collection and Archive, and to hopefully keep the museum open, too.  These are challenging times for all museums and societies.  Grant funds are scarce and there is a lot of competition for them.  Please, if you can help by sending a donation our way to cover rent of the museum, utilities or our PODS rental, you will be helping preserve the history of Park Forest for future generations.Best wishes for a happier New Year for all of us!  Jane Nicoll