Nature’s Choice Farm Opens Booth at Farmers’ Market

Eric Sexton at the Farmer's Market

Eric Sexton, right, of Nature’s Choice Farm, speaks with a customer at Saturday’s Farmers’ Market. (Photo: ENEWSPF)

Park Forest, IL–(ENEWSPF)– A new vendor has opened shop at the Park Forest Farmers’ Market. Eric Sexton and his wife Samantha run Nature’s Choice Farm in Grant Park, IL. They raise pasture poultry and are raising fresh, pasture raised turkey’s for Thanksgiving. They are in their second year raising animals commercially. Previously they raised for friends and family.

A whole chicken costs $3.25 a pound, cut up chicken is $3.50 a pound. Farm fresh eggs run $3.00 a dozen for small and medium sizes, large are $3.25, extra large are $3.50. Jumbo eggs are $4.00 a dozen.

The eggs had sold out completely by the time we did our interview around 11:00 a.m.

Eric Sexton says the chickens start off inside “for a few weeks, and then they’re moved outside. From there they’re moved to fresh pasture daily.”

He says they have electrified poultry netting surrounding the chickens to keep predators out, and a roof for water, feeders and shelter. Every day they move the shelter, food and water to a new part of the pasture.

"Our chickens are fed a specially designed feed that does not contain medication or antibiotics. When the chicks are old enough, they are put on pasture and moved daily."

“We move them around that pasture every day, because they’ll eat a lot of grass, clover and alfalfa, if it’s right in front of them. So, by moving them to a new spot, they’ll graze that down, and the next day we move them to a different spot.

Chickens are processed every two weeks, and half the newly-processed birds are immediately frozen for sale the following weekend. This Saturday, the chicken was frozen. Next week, Sexton says, the chicken will be fresh.

Sexton also carries Italian sausage and bratwurst for $4.50 a pound. All foods are all-natural, MSG-free and nitrate-free.

“We will also have grass-fed ground beef available for $4.50 a pound next week,” Sexton says.

If you are interested in a fresh turkey for Thanksgiving, there is a $25 deposit. The turkey will cost $3.50 a pound, and Sexton expects an average weight of 20 pounds per bird.

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