Marian’s Band Steps Up For Rose Parade

Chicago Heights, IL–(ENEWSPF)–

From the Southtown Star:

Just days before the marching band is to fly out West to play in the Rose Parade, there is a nervous energy building in the Marian Catholic High School band room.

All 250 band members are sitting around, biding their time as bored teenagers do. Talking. Texting. Fidgeting. Chewing gum. Scarfing down slices of warmed-over pepperoni pizza.

One of the band leaders pumps out a few low notes on the tuba. A couple of the lankier members are popping and locking at double speed and cracking up their friends.

The students, out on Christmas break, are all waiting to load their equipment and luggage onto a semi truck, which has yet to appear. Hundreds of suitcases, hat boxes, instruments and assorted band gear crowd the tile floor.

Greg Bimm estimates the band’s gear should be waiting for them at the Embassy Suites Hotel when they arrive in the Golden State later today.

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