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Marian Catholic Students Receive AP Scholar Recognition: 6 from Park Forest

Daniel O'Shea top ACT score Marian Catholic
Daniel O’Shea of Munster, IN, achieved a 36, the highest possible score, on the ACT. (PHOTO SUPPLIED)

95 Marian Catholic students recognized as AP Scholars

Chicago Heights, IL-(ENEWSPF)- The College Board has distributed AP Scholar Awards to 95 Marian Catholic students. This comes after students were notified of their scores in July.

The following students from Park Forest were honored: Justin A. Hollendonner, AP Scholar; Oluwakemi Johnson, AP Scholar; Abigail N. Sanchez, AP Scholar; Tava E. Oosterbaan, AP Scholar with Distinction; Adenike L. Cotton, AP Scholar with Honor; and Ashley R. Saul, AP Scholar with Honor.

According to the College Board website, “The AP Scholar Awards recognize high school students who have demonstrated exemplary college-level achievement on AP Exams. A roster of award recipients is provided online to their secondary schools and districts. Additionally, students are able to print a copy of their award certificate(s) online, and the awards are reflected on all score reports sent to colleges after awards are conferred.”

There are two steps in calculating the awards to students. The first step is the student’s average AP score is determined based on all exams taken this year and in previous years. Secondly, student’s exam scores are checked to see which ones count toward the various AP Scholar Awards. A student must meet all criteria to be eligible.

Five Marian Catholic students received the AP Capstone Diploma which is granted to students who earn scores of 3 or higher in AP Seminar and AP Research and on four additional AP Exams of their choosing. Marian Catholic is one of 63 high schools in Illinois that are approved to participate in AP Capstone.

The entire roster of Marian Catholic students honored follows:

Student Name (LastName; FirstName)HometownScholar Award
Contreras; Diego R.BeecherAP Scholar with Distinction
Schuffert; Heidi A.BeecherAP Scholar with Distinction
Woods; Casey C.BeecherNational AP Scholar & AP Scholar with Distinction
Espiritu; LuisCalumet CityAP Scholar
Elbaor; Noah N.ChicagoAP Capstone Diploma & AP Scholar with Distinction,
Cuadrado; ChristopherChicagoAP Scholar
Gaczkowski; Danille K.ChicagoNational AP Scholar & AP Scholar with Distinction
Marin-Martinez; Ashley M.Chicago HeightsAP Scholar
Watts; Nasira B.Chicago HeightsAP Scholar with Distinction
Enriquez; Alan F.Chicago HeightsAP Scholar with Honor
Angellotti; Dominick T.CreteAP Scholar
Goncher; Benjamin M.CreteAP Scholar
Jones; Diamond M.CreteAP Scholar
Stickler; Jessica J.CreteAP Scholar
Walsh; JalenCreteAP Scholar
Pennington-Flax; Nigel m.CreteAP Scholar with Distinction
Dwyre; Andrew J.Crown Point, INAP Scholar
Wallace; Daniel P.Crown Point, INAP Scholar
Prato; NataliaCrown Point, INAP Scholar with Honor
Balog; Cameron T.Dyer, INAP Scholar
Moreno; Nicholas O.Dyer, INAP Scholar
Caballero; Timothy R.Dyer, INAP Scholar with Distinction
Keating; Fiona M.FlossmoorAP Scholar
Klupchak; Jacob G.FlossmoorAP Scholar
Brumley; Calyn C.FlossmoorAP Scholar with Distinction
Kelly; Erin M.FlossmoorAP Scholar with Distinction
Barnes; Imani E.Ford HeightsAP Scholar
Zhou; ZexiaoFrankfortAP Scholar with Honor
Johnson; Megan G.GlenwoodAP Scholar
Thomas-Ailara; Temitayo O.GlenwoodAP Scholar with Distinction
Melendez; Ruby K.GlenwoodAP Scholar with Honor
Mikich; NatalijaHighland, INAP Scholar with Honor
Javorka; Christina A.LansingAP Scholar with Distinction & National AP Scholar
Roberts; Ethan J.LansingAP Scholar with Distinction & National AP Scholar
Klopp; AndrewMantenoAP Scholar with Distinction
Talamonti; Anthony D.MantenoAP Scholar with Honor
Martin; Samantha N.MarkhamAP Scholar with Honor
Bradshaw; Kaylyn J.MattesonAP Capstone Diploma & AP Scholar with Distinction
Nwawueze; Chidinma A.MattesonAP Capstone Diploma & AP Scholar with Distinction
Cecil; Caleb J.MattesonAP Scholar
Chang; JiaruiMattesonAP Scholar
Johnson; Justin L.MattesonAP Scholar
Macasaet; Romy-Iv B.MattesonAP Scholar
Milazzo; Theodore V.MattesonAP Scholar
Moore; Kennedy C.MattesonAP Scholar
Pate; Justen I.MattesonAP Scholar
Flynn; Nia D.MattesonAP Scholar with Distinction
Hong; SeokjungMattesonAP Scholar with Distinction
Yang; YanmingMattesonAP Scholar with Distinction
Johnson; Vanessa M.MattesonAP Scholar with Honor
Recupido; Blake M.MattesonNational AP Scholar& AP Scholar with Distinction
Croak; Hailey M.Merrillville, INAP Scholar
Mitchell; Romerica L.Merrillville, INAP Scholar
Asia; Noredia D.MoneeAP Scholar
Yock; Andrew J.MoneeAP Scholar with Honor
Olsen; Cora B.Munster, INAP Scholar
Tumacder; Gabriella S.Munster, INAP Scholar
Hrinda; Matthew T.Munster, INAP Scholar with Honor
O’Shea; Daniel R.Munster, INNational AP Scholar & AP Scholar with Distinction
Breslin; Michael T.Oak ForestAP Scholar with Distinction
Allen; Faith N.Olympia FieldsAP Scholar
Wiggins; Julian N.Olympia FieldsAP Scholar
Baig; Noor H.Olympia FieldsAP Scholar with Distinction
Johnson; Carrington S.Olympia FieldsAP Scholar with Honor
Walton; Jessica F.Olympia FieldsAP Scholar with Honor
Kaderabek; Emily A.Orland ParkAP Capstone Diploma, AP Scholar with Distinction, & National AP Scholar
Hollendonner; Justin A.Park ForestAP Scholar
Johnson; OluwakemiPark ForestAP Scholar
Sanchez; Abigail N.Park ForestAP Scholar
Oosterbaan; Tava E.Park ForestAP Scholar with Distinction
Cotton; Adenike L.Park ForestAP Scholar with Honor
Saul; Ashley R.Park ForestAP Scholar with Honor
Fetzer; Caleb C.Richton ParkAP Scholar
Curtis; Erik M.Saint John, INAP Scholar with Distinction
Wozniak; Emma H.Saint John, INAP Capstone Diploma & AP Scholar with Distinction
Johnson; Kevin S.Saint John, INAP Scholar
Rado; Grace E.Saint John, INAP Scholar
Tomasso; Macy E.Saint John, INAP Scholar with Honor
Etuk; Destiny U.Sauk VillageAP Scholar
Hatcher; John T.Sauk VillageAP Scholar with Distinction
Chio; Melanie P.Schererville, INAP Scholar
Haney; Adam D.Schererville, INAP Scholar
Labovic; IsabelaSchererville, INAP Scholar
Lin; PatrickSchererville, INAP Scholar with Distinction
Rusin; Kyle V.Schererville, INAP Scholar with Distinction & National AP Scholar
Spott; MaritzaSchererville, INAP Scholar with Distinction & National AP Scholar
Kwok; KyleSchererville, INAP Scholar with Honor
Mckone; Mollie A.Schererville, INAP Scholar with Honor
Edeh; Somtochi A.South HollandAP Scholar
Hawkins; Rachel S.South HollandAP Scholar with Honor
Houston; Jada L.South HollandAP Scholar with Honor
Ozonwankwo; Ifeoma E.South HollandAP Scholar with Honor
Osmolski; Kelly L.StegerAP Scholar with Distinction
Kerksick; Summer L.Tinley ParkAP Scholar with Distinction
Leedy; Alanna B.University ParkAP Scholar with Distinction

This is news from Marian Catholic High School.