Managing Park Forest Week of September 21, 2009

Sauk Trail Rose Society

Mayor John Ostenburg with 2009 Good Egg Award recipients Alfreda Keller (left) and Sherry M. Marnell. (Photo: ENEWSPF)

Park Forest, IL–(ENEWSPF) – Week of September 21, 2009.

Park Forest Community Development


This week, 168 inspections were performed. These included new construction, re-occupancy, inspector initiated and referral/complaint.

In the month of August, a total of 67 building permits were issued for a total new construction cost valuation of $1,967,784 with $11,855 collected in fees.

In new construction/building permit activity in the first 11 days of September, 37 permits have been recorded. Over the past 5 years, the month of September has averaged 66 permits being issued. At the current pace 101 building permits could be issued this month. In September 2008, a total of 66 building permits were recorded.

Earlier this week, the annual inspection of Garden House Apartments was performed. Inspections of the entire building and ground, including each individual unit, are a required part of the Village’s agreement with HUD. Inspection results indicate that the property continues to be maintained in good condition. An inspection report is being prepared for Garden House Management.

In Civil Court action on property maintenance code enforcement matters, Building Number 3 (By Us Construction) was up for a status hearing.

Park Forest Fire Department


The Fire Department responded to 70 calls for assistance this past week including 7 double and 1 triple call response situations. Automatic aid assistance was provided twice to University Park and received twice from Matteson. Mutual aid was provided twice to Richton Park and once to University Park.


Career division members focused training efforts on preparation for next week’s continuing education examination. The last of three continuing education sessions for the year, this one is focusing on the recognition and treatment of victims of poisoning and weapons of mass destruction. For each session paramedics complete a reading assignment and the required study booklet and must then complete an examination with a score of not less than 80%. The Paid-On-Call division combined training from previous drill sessions into an exercise called a court run. In this activity the members simulate a response focusing on the skills in question. This past drill focused on self-contained breathing apparatus; search and rescue; advancing attack lines and using ladders as a rescue aid.

On Friday, September 18 both divisions combined their training with members of the Richton Park and University Park Fire Departments in a live fire exercise. These types of drills allow the departments to work together on simulations prior to having to interact on an actual fire scene. Combined training is held monthly and involves at least two divisions.

Park Forest Public Works


The crew is mourning the loss of Bob Kiser, the former superintendent, who recently passed away. He will be greatly missed as a co-worker and friend by all.

Orchard Drive Watermain Project

The first section of the Orchard Drive watermain replacement project, from Sauk Trail to Indianwood Boulevard, has been chlorinated and tested. That section has been transferred over to the new main. The last section is currently being chlorinated and tested. Orchard Drive is open to one-way traffic northbound. Southbound traffic is being redirected.

Cricket Wireless

On September 16, staff members held a pre-construction meeting with Cricket Wireless and the engineering consultant, SHE, who reviewed the Cricket plans to install antennas on the Blackhawk Drive water tower. Construction is expected to begin September 21.

Assistant Engineer, Brett Millsap, researched the ownership of Old Western Ave. It appears ownership belongs to the property owners.

Field Operations

The storm sewer repairs at Westwood Drive and Rich Court were completed. Watermain breaks were repaired at 251 Lester Road and on Westwood Drive. Sanitary sewers were cleaned and street lights were relamped Village-wide.

Water Plant

Routine bacterial samples were taken and sent to the lab. Stewart Spreading continues hauling out the sludge at the lime lagoon.

Recreation and Parks

Aqua Center

A large storage POD was delivered to the parking lot last week to store contents of the bathhouse and the old concession stand while the remodeling work is going on. If all goes well, construction is scheduled to begin within the next two weeks. Very good news was received recently in the form of the letter from the State of Illinois Department of Public Health reporting that they had approved the plans for the bathhouse remodeling.

It seems impossible that the 2009 Season has come to a close. Several staff members are sill around to help with clearing out the bathhouse and putting other equipment away for the winter.


While the numbers were down somewhat for the 2009 Scenic Five & More, the day was beautiful, the winning times were very fast and the post race festivities, inside the pool area, were a huge success. Thanks again to Village staff including the pool staff and of course to Police, Fire, Public Works and other Departments in Village Hall who pitched in to help make this another successful event.

Freedom Hall

Congratulations to Chuck Sabey upon receipt of a letter from the Illinois Arts Council (IAC) announcing an IAC Presenters Grant in the amount of $2,960. While this is $2,000 less than the prior year, with the State’s finances what they are, Freedom Hall was bracing for a possible shutout.

The installation of the new theater seats continues and is scheduled to be completed by the weekend. A new concrete ADA ramp has been installed outside the east emergency exit door from the Theater. This emergency ramp was a requirement of the theater seat replacement project.

Source: Village of Park Forest Weekly Manager’s Report