Letters to the Editor – July 9, 2007

Rain and Fireworks 

The Park Forest fireworks display on the rainy night of the 4th of July was worth getting wet for. The displays of late seem to keep getting better. There were many people watching this event and all got wet, but no complaints, just oohs and ahs!! And a big round of cheers and clapping when it had ended. At least that is what I observed from my vantage point by the Com Ed right of way.

I hope that the Village will always have this grand event. Anyway back to finish drying out ours and the grand kids shoes. I hope others enjoyed it as well.

Tony Mielcarz
Park Forest resident of 40 years

Rain Gardens in Park Forest 

The article on rain gardens written by Megan Lastaria was very good. I hope those who have had an opportunity to read it will be inspired to start one. The Park Forest Environment Commission is to be commended for taking this step to make our residents aware of the benefits.

Bonita Dillard
Park Forest