Letters to the Editor – February 4, 2008

Robin Kelly Corrects the Record

I am writing in response to comments sent to eNews Park Forest about my record in office. I want to set the record straight to correct the lies about my record as state representative. The truth is that during my terms in office, state funds were awarded fairly throughout the 38th district. Anyone who took the time to look at my record would recognize that no one municipality received the majority of funds from my office. In addition I gave to libraries, park districts and schools. I am proud of my service in the General Assembly and know without a doubt that every part of the 38th district benefited from my work as a State Representative.

Robin Kelly

Critical of Kelly

I was amused to receive a letter recently from former State Representative Robin Kelly in support of Al Riley for State Rep. First of all, I am an independent voter who makes up her own mind and is not influenced by opinions of ex-legislators who couldn’t cut it in Springfield and gave up right after winning a resounding re-election in Nov. 2006. After receiving Kelly’s letter, I researched her record in terms of how much she brought home in state resources during her four years as state rep. and was disappointed to learn through my research of state records that over seventy per cent of Kelly’s member initiatives went to the Village of Olympia Fields. It’s not surprising though, since that is the home of Al Riley and Kelly’s boss while state rep., Mayor Linzey Jones.

Kelly would be wise to focus on her job in the Treasurer’s Office and stay out of elections in the 38th District that she abruptly abandoned after being re-elected in 2006.

Katie Carter
Richton Park

Looking for Grocery Store

Is there any news regarding the opening of a grocery store in our downtown area? What an awful eyesore that empty building is. I would be most interested in reading about what progress is being made to secure a merchant to fill that space as well as the needs of our community. I am sure others feel the same way.

Whatever happened to the "10 year plan" that we all used to hear so much about? Obviously not too much progress there. We as a village seem to take one step forward and two steps back.

I am really not too interested in the latest plans for this years "Scenic 10" or whatever it will be called this year. Instead I would rather read about some progress to bring businesses back to our village. It would be wonderful to shop in my own town….once again!

Nancy Grodecki
Park Forest