Letters to the Editor – February 11, 2008

Updated  February 11 at 10:20 a.m. with a letter from former Mayor of Hazel Crest, William Browne

Missing Connie Woolfolk

I just wanted to send this letter to inform everyone the deeply hurt I had found out to the senseless tragedy last weekend. Five brave women lives were taken away. These women were someone daughter, mother, and wife.

As a former Human Relations Commissoner for the Village of Park Forest, the murder of Connie Woolfolk has affected me. I was shocked when I saw the news and they showed the name and pictures of the victims. There I saw Connie. While I was on the Human Relation Commission, I remember when Connie first came. Barbara Moore, who was the Director of Community Relations, introduced her to the commission. Connie was a very hard worker. On the last Black History program, I was Chairman of before I moved.

Connie was a big help to me. I could always go to her for assitance and she would get the job done. We would email each other back and forth. Connie was crazy about children, especially her sons. She was a good mother. She had met my son after he was born and he was a joy to her. When my family and I moved to University Park, Connie gave me names of people to make contact with.

It is hard to believe this beautiful person is gone from our lives. She and the other victims are with the Lord. I cannot get over the ignorance that some people want to do to hurt a family when they are grieving. This so called group should not be allwoed to attend any of the services. They need to let these families alone so they can lay their loved ones to rest without any problems.

My family and I would like to extend out love to the Woolfolk family in their time of grief.

May God bless your soul, Connie!

James Worthington & The Worthington Family
University Park


Unitarian Church A Welcoming Congregation

Thank you for your fine commentary about this hate group threatening to demonstrate at the funeral of the two women on Saturday. Several years ago, in the winter, I think it was the same group that threatened to come and picket the Unitarian Universalist Church in Park Forest because we are a welcoming congregation. We accept gay and lesbian members and visitors. We were all ready with a counter demonstration, but they never showed up.

I can only imagine how Jesus would react to such a group!

Suzie Brown
Park Forest

Setting Robin Kelly’s Record Straight

I would like to comment on setting the record straight as far as former State Rep. Robin Kelly givings funds to other municipalities.

As the Former Mayor of Hazel Crest, Former State Representative Robin Kelly provided funds to the Village of Hazel Crest for a walk path for the community. She has also provide funds to the Hazel Crest Park District.

I wish that people would get their facts straight and be honest about the facts. My community represents the northern part of the 38th. District.

William Browne
Hazel Crest