Letters to the Editor – August 24, 2008

Section 8 ‘Lambasted’

Thanks for your clarification of the fact that the evictions from the Lofts of Thorn Creek were not section 8 people.  We are fortunate that we can control the number of section 8 people living here.  However, since I work at Respond Now and see many families living with the help of section 8 who are trying to do their best for their families, I hate to see them always lambasted.  Where are the poor and working poor supposed to live?  We have so little available affordable housing.

I understand that this operation took over a year to be fully developed and administered.  Our police, with the help of Cook County, did an excellent job!  I am always grateful for our Park Forest police.  I’m also grateful for that new ordinance about crime-free housing.

Suzie Brown
Park Forest

More Notice on Neighborhood Meetings

It would be more helpful if notice of neighborhood meetings were announced a day or two ahead of time, not just that evening.

Since we are stuck with what passes as the Park Forest Star on Sundays and Thursdays, any info that can get in there is also helpful. And it would be nice to know what happens at those neighborhood meetings.

Thanks for keeping me informed.

Grace Takata
Park Forest