LearningRx Offers Homework Tips That Really Work

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Now that school is in full swing, the nightly struggles with homework are well underway. While many parents and kids simply view homework as a fact of life they have to endure, brain training center LearningRx has a tip list designed to make homework fun while gaining the long-term benefits of better cognitive abilities.

"There are many ways to use homework to build up the underlying mental tools that help kids think, reason and pay attention,” says LearningRx Vice President of Research and Development Tanya Mitchell. “In the long run, building these cognitive abilities will not only help kids do schoolwork faster and better, it’ll actually help them get smarter, more efficient brains.”

LearningRx believes the key to homework success is finding ways to make homework fun while building cognitive skills with intense focus on specific tasks. Tips on the list include:

1. Turning math problems into a fast-paced game where the kids are challenged to do each row of problems faster than before. This builds the skill of processing speed, making kids faster thinkers.

2. Breaking down assignments into smaller segments and timing how long the student can stay focused. This will work on attention skills and help kids become independent learners.

3. Trying to distract the child while they try to stay focused on a task. This fun, and often funny, activity grows attention skills that can help block out distractions in school and throughout life.

4. Playing charades. Having students demonstrate or act out what a word or concept means can build comprehension and visual processing skills.

5. Putting spelling or vocabulary words in a word search and giving clues where to find the words. This will help them learn the words, and will build auditory and visual processing skills.

“Kids who go through our program are often able to build these skills to the point where they no longer need medication for ADHD, or no longer have reading problems. Anything that can build mental skills will make schoolwork, and learning in general, much easier,” Mitchell said.

For the complete homework tip list, or more information on how homework can build cognitive abilities, please visit www.learningrx.com.