Leader Durkin Calls On Dems To Join GOP To Break IL Budget Impasse

House Republican Leader Jim Durkin, budget impasse
House Republican Leader Jim Durkin. (PHOTO SUPPLIED)

Springfield, IL-(ENEWSPF)- House Republican Leader Jim Durkin called on Democrats to join with the GOP to end the Illinois budget impasse.

Illinois has been without a budget for one year, eleven months, twenty-one days.

“Illinois is at a critical crossroad and time is running out,” Leader Durkin said.

“Governor Rauner correctly stated that Illinois must change in order to attract employers and keep jobs and families from permanently crossing our borders. We can start by passing a compromise budget with reforms that will provide critical funding to programs and services while protecting Illinois taxpayers.

“Republicans from both chambers have placed a package of bills on the table that reflects the priorities of both parties in both chambers and has the support of the Governor.

“These concepts are not new and legislators from both chambers should immediately finish the negotiations to break the impasse. House Republicans are prepared to finish the job and call upon House Democrats to join us.”

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