Jackson Supports Congressional Progressive Caucus Budget

Urges Lawmakers & Public To Support “Budget For All”

Washington, D.C.–(ENEWSPF)–March 27, 2012.  Rep. Jesse L. Jackson, Jr. (D-IL-2) today strongly endorsed the newly released Congressional Progressive Caucus’s (CPC) “Budget for All,” calling it “the right way forward for working families and the most innovative proposal to put the country back on track.” The budget is fiscally sustainable and sharply reduces the deficit in the short term – in stark contrast to the House Republican cuts-only scheme that eliminates millions of jobs – and includes popular reforms such as public financing of congressional and presidential elections, progressive taxation and a public health care option.

“This budget puts power back in the hands of the American people by creating jobs, making sure everyone pays a fair tax rate, taking away the need for corporate money in politics and putting justice at the forefront of our national conversation,” Rep. Jackson said. “Working people are losing faith in the government’s ability to respond to their everyday problems and losing patience with Republican obstruction. This budget rebuilds the country they believe in, and I’m proud to support it.”

The CPC budget increases funding for a variety of successful job creation programs, restores top marginal tax rates to Clinton-era levels, and entirely preserves Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid without making benefit cuts. The bill builds on the successes of the CPC 2012 proposal, which gathered praise from notable economists such as Paul Krugman and Jeffrey Sachs and outlets such as The Economist.

“Anyone who thinks trillions of dollars in cuts and more corporate giveaways are what the country needs has been sleeping through the last two years,” Rep. Jackson said. “This budget responds to what the people want, what the economy requires and what the Progressive Caucus believes in.  I look forward to a national discussion about what’s in this plan, and I’m excited to stand behind it.”

Source: jackson.house.gov