Identity Theft Blog Launched, MyIdentityTheftExpert.com

Norwalk, CT (PRWEB) June 18, 2007 — PrivacyMatters.com, a leading online destination for credit management and identity theft protection services, selects Neal O'Farrell as Privacy Matters' Identity Theft Expert and introduces the MyIdentityTheftExpert.com blog. Used as a new platform to keep members and visitors informed with the latest news, technologies and tips on the prevention, protection and recovery from identity theft, MyIdentityTheftExpert.com will rely on Neal O'Farrell's expertise to educate visitors.

Many people are unaware of the steps they need to follow if their identity is stolen or the signs they should look for to prevent identity theft. With identity thieves becoming savvier, consumers need to be aware of the tools available to protect them. "Prevention through education has long been recognized as one of the best defenses against identity theft," said Neal O'Farrell, "and I applaud PrivacyMatters.com for showing a real and comprehensive commitment to making consumer education a key part of their credit and identity management solutions."

PrivacyMatters.com's strong commitment to educate consumers on the Identity Theft threat is reflected by their association with MyIdentityTheftExpert.com and its commitment to teach visitors about Identity Theft with every post. In addition to writing about the stories that are making news, Neal O'Farrell will provide tips for identity theft protection, and respond to visitors' comments and questions when they log on to http://www.MyIdentityTheftExpert.com.

The Federal Trade Commission recently noted that identity theft has topped the list of nationwide consumer complaints and grown in cases reported for the seventh consecutive year. In addition, $52.6 billion in losses and more than 9.91 million Americans were affected by identity theft in 2006 alone. These statistics reflect the dangers of identity theft and the need to educate consumers about this threat.

PrivacyMatters.com is now one of the few identity theft protection services to offer the experience of an industry expert to educate the community regarding this growing threat in a public forum. Neal O'Farrell is a nationally recognized expert on cybercrime and identity theft and a vocal advocate for the importance of better user education and awareness. Once described as one of the world's Top 20 security experts, Neal has been the driving force behind a number of national security awareness initiatives, including the nation's first Cyber Secure City, a unique experiment to raise the security awareness in Walnut Creek, CA.

PrivacyMatters.com also provides the Privacy Matters Identity membership program with daily monitoring and accessibility to public records and alerts regarding suspicious activities affecting identity information and more. To learn more about the Privacy Matters Identity program, visitors can log on to http://identity.PrivacyMatters.com.

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