‘I Know I Love You’ by Yvette Jones

Book Review
By: Ramie Reed

I Know I Love You is a lovely picture book is in the tradition of classic “I Love You Books,” with the delightful twist on the point of view.

The story is told by a very young child trying to express in words all the love she feels for her mother. The child describes her love in the form of a journey that starts with places that are familiar to both of them, such as “the playground” and “the zoo,” and moves much farther to places like “the rainbows,” “heaven,” to express endless love.

The story ends cleverly as “Mommy” is loved all the way to “nighttime” and “dreamland.”

The beautiful illustrations in the book give the book one more layer of meaning, by mixing bright colorful child drawn pictures and faded words telling the story behind the story.

Author Yvette Jones has been a Park Forest resident for over eight years, a resident of the Park Forest Cooperative, Area B. Her baby, Fatima, had to undergo heart surgery at a very young age due to congenital heart failure. She celebrates every day of her daughter’s life and each day tells her, “I know I love you.” She wrote this book “in celebration of life for every parent and relative who had to see their child in pain.”

Yvette Jones

Park Forest author Yvette Jones. (PHOTO SUPPLIED)

 “I’ve gotten great feedback from parents. My co-workers loved it,” Jones says. “They didn’t know I had gone through such traumatic experiences because I’m so positive.”

She credits her faith in helping her and her daughter make it through the difficult times. Her daughter, Fatima, is now doing well, “telling everyone else what to do. She still has annual visit to cardiologist, but is doing well.”

This book makes a wonderful bedtime story and would be enjoyed by both young and old alike. It is currently available at Amazon.com.

I Know I Love You was written by Yvette Jones M.A., illustrated by Yvette Jones M.A. and Samuel Girmai-Jones, edited by DeAndrea Johnson (PublishAmerica).

Jones is available for readings and speaking engagements.