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Sunset Over Park Forest: The Pic of the Week

Sunset Over Park Forest, Shawn Needham
Sunset Over Park Forest. (Photo: Shawn Needham)

Park Forest, IL-(ENEWSPF)- Presenting Sunset Over Park Forest, most certainly our first picture of the week. This turned up on Facebook, floated there by photographer Shawn Needham.

We’ve never had a picture of the week. When this appeared, however, it looked like a great place to start.

The photographer has lived in Park Forest since 2010, “My wife and I moved to Park Forest in May of 2010 with our two children. Since then, we’ve had another child, and my mom, who has Alzheimer’s, moved in with us as well.”

He has “dabbled with photography off and on since high school, 1990,” Mr. Needham says. “But, as of this year, I’ve just started working to build it into a business. I’ve worked in Information Technology for the past 20 years, but photography is my true passion.”

His business, Needham Photography, is just getting up off the ground, and he hopes to grow it.

The camera?

“I currently use a pair of Nikon D3300s that never leave my side (to the dismay of my kids),” Mr. Needham says. “They are very basic, entry level cameras. But once I start to bring in a bit more business, I’m excited about upgrading.”

His favorite lenses to use are a 50 mm prime and an 18-55 mm wide angle.

“I don’t recall the exact exposure settings on the downtown Park Forest image, but I shot it at ISO 100 to preserve the best image quality. I also used a tripod with a shutter speed of around 1/50.”

You see more of Mr. Needham’s images here on Facebook, or visit his web page at

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